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A little update on my experience from attending the Divine Spiritual Events’ spiritual fair.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all enjoying this summer even though the weather in the UK has been very up and down.

I have been quite busy in the past few weeks. I attended a spiritual fair in Horsham on 13/8/23 and it was organised by Caroline and her husband from Divine Spiritual Events. It was their first ever Spiritual Fair and I must say it was such a smooth day and the organisation was something else. Well done team you should be so proud of yourself. I will definitely return to your future fairs. Please go and visit their website for more info re their upcoming events. (

I have attended many spiritual fairs before as a visitor but I haven’t done too many fairs as a trader before as I’m always busy doing something else, mainly spending time with Scarlett as I hardly see her during work days. However, on this occasion I felt compelled to sign up because I want to show people out there the power of Reiki. My main goal was to present a talk on Reiki in GP’s Point of View. I wanted to let people know what made a scientist to take up energy healing and some case studies of mine.

I was so grateful to have met so many linked minded people and chatted about all things spiritual and Reiki. What I was most grateful for was that I have been busy all day treating clients and most of them have not had Reiki before. They put their trust in me to receive the healing power of Reiki and the outcomes were phenomenal. Most clients were able to feel a cold sensation when I was treating their Crown chakras and some felt heat. I love the fact that different people feel Reiki’s power differently and the share of the experiences were so enlightening.

I always said to people that I believe in Reiki healing as a complementary therapy, however I never force people to believe me. In fact, I always say don’t trust me but to go and give it a go and see how you feel from the Reiki’s energy. I must say that most of my clients on Sunday had definitely felt the impact. I’m so grateful that I have been able to show them this beautiful energy and healing.

I think I will continue to attend spiritual fairs to show the love and power of Reiki.

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