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Ocean of Holy Love- Reiki Healing Experience

No matter you are new to Reiki or have had many Reiki treatments before, this Reiki Healing Experience will be perfect for you to relax and unwind and feel the power and love of Reiki.

This is similar to a guided meditation, where I held a safe space for the clients, to full surrender into this beautiful energy. This can be done sitting on a chair, sofa or lying down. However, don't listen to this while driving or handling heavy machinery though. Enjoy. 

Reiki Healing Experience 2- Into the Clouds

This is a Reiki Healing Experience and during this 15 mins I will take you into a forest and eventually flying up to the sky. This is a guided mediation with Reiki healing energy. You can enjoy this by either sitting in a chair or lying down, as long as you are in a comfortable position.

Seven Chakra Guided Meditation by Dr Phyllis Chan

Hello my name is Dr Phyllis Chan, GP based in Sussex Uk and I’m also a Reiki Master. Here is a Seven Chakra Guided Meditation written by myself. This short meditation can be your daily go to to cleanse, charge and energise your chakras. Enjoy. Please give me a like and subscribe and follow my Facebook page - Soul Serene Crystals and Reiki by Dr Phyllis Chan 🙏😊 Ps I don’t own the music, this is a song by Julie True.

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