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Pyrite Wire Wrapped Pendant and Ring

Pyrite Wire Wrapped Pendant and Ring

Pyrite wire wrapped pendant and ring

Pyrite is a mineral which can look a bit like gold and it’s sometimes called the Fools Gold. Perfect for the #solarplexuschakra and great for Zodiac sign Leo.

This is a powerful protective stone which can block off all forms of negative energies and it is said to be able to enhance memory and recall. This encourages great health, mentally and physically as well as bringing us closer to the universe.

It is also said that Pyrite can be used to treatment boney problems and helps with cell formation. Great for lung diseases and helps to reduce swelling and fever. However please seek medical advice first with any medical ailments.

This pedant is £18 pounds, full Reiki charged.

You can always match it with a Pyrite ring, made to measure, £7 each.

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