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Theory behind Reiki and Chakras

Chakras- also means energy wheels. Depending on which school of healing you belong to, there could be more than 7 chakras but for now we stick with 7 main chakras. We have 7 chakras in our bodies, located at different parts of our bodies. They are in charge of different things, like connecting to the spiritual side, intuition, being your true self, speaking the truth, unconditional love, creativity and feeling as well as grounding energy.

You could imagine that when these energy wheels are not moving the way that they should or are blocked,then the energy will not be able to flow freely in our bodies, and it is said that this is when our bodies don’t feel well or have particular physical or psychological symptoms.

Reiki means universal energy. Everything on earth has energy. Things that are alive and things like chairs for example. The molecules vibrate at different frequencies constantly. Each Chakra is said to vibrate at different frequencies too. If we combine Reiki with Chakras, we can say that if we channel the universal energy out their, via the Reiki Practitioner to the recipient, then the energy will help to balance and heal the chakras, so that the Ki/ Chi/ energy in the body can flow freely, achieving well being in mind, body and soul.

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